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Why Choose a Family Dentist?

Family dentistry is designed to treat all members of the family, both kids and parents. A family dentist has specialized training to deal with children, as well as the standard training for treating adults. Why is a family dentist the best choice for your household? Dr. Justin Deckard of DC Precision Dentistry, a dentist in Washington DC, offers an explanation.

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Children and Parents Going Together

A family dentist makes it easier for scheduling, allowing the family to go to the dentist at one time. This also helps to make the children more comfortable, particularly if it’s one of their first visits to the dentist. You can have your child watch you go first, letting them know that they have nothing to be afraid of. You can also be in the room with them to keep them comfortable while they’re getting their treatment.

Starting Oral Healthcare Habits Early

If they’re going to the dentist early, it gets them into a routine as a child. Going to the dentist regularly will seem like something that they’ve always done and continue to do. Dr. Deckard and the rest of our staff will also teach your child proper oral healthcare. They’ll learn how to brush and floss properly and how to keep up with their oral health in between dental visits.

Conquering Dental Fear

Many patients suffer from dental fear. It can be triggered by the sound of the drill, dental tools, or just the environment of the office. If they’re going to the dentist early on and get used to it at a young age. They’re less likely to suffer from dental anxiety as they get older. Their oral health will be better, as they won’t avoid getting dental treatment because of their anxiety.

Getting Dental Services Specifically for Children

There are various dental services that are specifically for younger children. There are also certain procedures that are particularly beneficial for children. It’s important to have a dentist that knows which of these should be done for your children. They’re also particularly adept at dealing with children and knowing how to make children comfortable.

For instance, dental sealants are something that can be beneficial for children as their first molars come in. Dental sealants are painted over the molars, as they’re the teeth most likely to be prone to tooth decay. They offer an extra layer of protection against tooth decay and dental cavities.

During a typical appointment, we also make sure to give children a fluoride treatment at the end. The usual dental cleaning and comprehensive examination are done as well. We make sure that each individual patient has their own treatment plan. The children all have age-appropriate treatment plans that take into consideration the development of the smile.

Family Dentistry at Your Washington DC Dentist

Make sure both you and your child are getting the dental care you need. Call us or schedule an appointment today.