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Dental Services Washington DC

DC Precision Dentistry is a full-service dental center in Washington, DC. Dr. Justin Deckard leads a team of experienced, dedicated staff who are committed to helping each patient achieve a healthier smile.

Our talented dental staff offers a full range of dental services to address various dental concerns. Our main focus is on building long-lasting relationships with each of our patients to help foster a more positive dental experience.

We offer personalized, comprehensive care for patients of all ages. Dr. Deckard and our dental care team work with you every step of the way to help improve your natural smile and help you get one step closer to optimal oral health.

Furthermore, we guarantee the dental services your receive is tailored to your unique oral health needs.

Dental Services Washington DC

Dental Services To Enhance Your Smile

General Dentistry

Our general dentistry services are tailored to meet each patients’ needs. General dentistry services are designed to address dental concerns such as tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health problems. Our goal is to help each of our patients maintain a healthy smile through routine dental exams, patient education, and disease prevention. We offer general dentistry services for patients of all ages.

Restorative Dentistry

If you are dealing with missing, broken, or damaged teeth, restorative dental treatment can help restore your smile. Dr. Deckard can design a treatment plan to restore function and beauty to the natural smile. The goal is to create a more stable, functional smile through personalized, comprehensive treatment planning.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Creating a healthy, beautiful smile requires a naturally trained eye for aesthetics and a great deal of experience. Dr. Deckard has undergone advanced training to deliver beautifully crafted smiles.

Dr. Deckard can help you enhance your natural smile through personalized, long-lasting treatments. Dr. Deckard takes the time to examine your smile, listen to your dental health goals and dental concerns and build a complete cosmetic dental treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

Family Dentistry

Dr. Deckard and our dental care team offer family dentistry for patients in and around downtown Washington, DC. We routinely see patients of all ages, allowing families to receive the dental care they need under one roof. Additionally, you can schedule your whole families dental appointments in the same day saving you the hassle of making several trips.

Sleep Disorders

Dr. Deckard has focused his advanced training on the treatment of both bite and sleep disorders, which are often related. He offers patients the opportunity to experience a comprehensive evaluation of their oral health, including the structure of their head and neck, the function of their bite, and screenings for the oral signs of sleep apnea and sleep-disordered breathing.

Implant Dentistry

DC Precision Dentistry provides dental implants as supported restorations for patients that suffer from any number of missing teeth. Dr. Deckard has all the advanced technology available at his Washington, DC dentist office to complete each step of the process. This includes the surgical insertion of the implant fixtures.

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DC Precision Dentistry is located in downtown Washington, DC. Our dental practice is easily accessible to patients in Shaw, Navy Yard, and surrounding downtown DC neighborhoods. To learn more about our dental services, call (202) 851-7554 or request an appointment online.