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Dentist Washington DC

A general dentist offers comprehensive dental services to patients that focus on the overall health and wellness of their natural smiles. Through routine dental care, patient education, and disease prevention, you can achieve and maintain a healthier smile.

Dr. Justin Deckard is a dentist in Washington, DC, who provides dentistry services for patients and families. His focus is to provide personalized care and treatments for all your oral health needs and wants.

General Dentistry in Washington, DC

During each routine visit, you can expect our staff to do everything we can to keep your smile healthy. As a general dentist office, DC Precision Dentistry offers full exams, screenings for dental health problems, X-rays, and teeth cleanings. We typically take dental X-rays once a year to make sure your teeth, mouth, jaw, bite, gums, and underlying gums are healthy.

Additionally, we help each patient improve their oral health through education and preventive measures. We want to encourage our patients to take an active role in their own dental health success.

Tooth decay and gum disease are serious problems that Dr. Deckard sees every day. Both are highly preventable with consistent dental care. This includes visits to the dentist twice a year but also good at-home oral care. Additionally, it is important that you brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once. These at-home oral health habits will greatly reduce your risk of getting cavities and gum disease.

DC Precision Dentistry is equipped with state-of-the-art dental technology and quality materials. This supplies Dr. Deckard and our dental care team with the tools needed to deliver exceptional dental care. Our dental team is comprised of highly trained, kind staff. As your dental team, we promise to provide the highest level of care and services.


General Dentistry in Washington DC

What to Expect from a General Dentist

Dr. Deckard instructs patients to visit the dentist every six months for a preventive care exam. Routine dental exams allow your dentist to spot any early signs of problems. Then we can treat these problems before they turn into more advanced issues.

Patients who visit the dentist often are less likely to have complex dental problems. Early dental treatment and preventive dental care are key parts of keeping a healthy, beautiful, and lasting smile.

In addition to preventive dental care, Dr. Deckard also has training in TMJ disorders, sleep apnea, and sleep-disordered breathing. This allows him to health concerns related to his oral structure as well as dental problems.

General Dentistry Services

Dentistry for Children

DC Precision Dentistry offers a complete range of general dentistry services for patients of all ages, including children. Every member of your family should visit the dentist twice a year (about every six months) for ideal oral health. We offer special care for children with developing smiles to help make their visits as easy as possible. Our goal is to make their dental experience as painless as possible.

Regular dental care for children is very important for many reasons. Early dentist appointments have proven to help reduce the number of cavities that children get. Tooth decay in children is a major problem in our society.

This is because drinks filled with sugar and candy are available to them all the time. Additionally, early visits help reduce the chance of dental anxiety in the future. They will get used to a dentist office setting and learn to trust all the dental professionals.

General Dentistry FAQs

What is airway dentistry?

Airway dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that relate to the airways. These conditions can include sleep apnea, snoring, TMJ disorders, mouth breathing, and tongue-tie syndrome.

Airway dentists use methods such as oral appliances and orthodontics to improve the alignment of teeth and jaw. In really severe cases, your dentist may recommend surgery to remove any blockages or obstructions.

What is classified as a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is any urgent situation that requires immediate attention from a dentist. Examples of dental emergencies include severe tooth pain, swelling in the face or jaw, broken teeth, lost crowns or fillings, large cavities, and injuries to the gums. It is best to contact your local dentist immediately for assessment if you think you may be experiencing a dental emergency.

Will I feel any pain with dental sedation?

Most people do not feel any pain when they receive dental sedation. However, it may depend on the type of sedation your dentist uses and the individual patient’s response. For instance, if you receive nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or local anesthesia, you likely will not experience any pain.

However, intravenous (IV) sedation can cause some discomfort in some patients during needle insertion. You should discuss your comfort levels and concerns with your dentist before the dental procedure to determine the best sedation.

How painful is a tooth extraction?

Tooth extractions, while generally not a pleasant experience, are typically not too painful. During the procedure, your dentist will use a local anesthetic to numb the area so that you don’t feel pain. Your dentist may also give you sedation.

After the extraction, some people may feel mild soreness in their mouth or jaw. You can manage this with over-the-counter pain medications or warm compresses. Your dental professional can advise you on post-extraction care, such as antibiotics or special diets.

Is it worth getting a custom mouthguard?

Yes. Custom mouthguards provide a level of protection that is superior to stock guards. Dentists make custom mouthguards precisely to the shape of your mouth, providing a snug and secure fit that stays in place while you play contact sports or participate in other intense physical activities.

Additionally, custom mouthguards are more comfortable than stock guards. They conform perfectly to the teeth and gums without placing excessive pressure on them. Lastly, custom mouthguards last longer than store-bought models due to their high-quality construction and the materials that dentists use in manufacturing them.

What does a dental exam include?

A typical dental exam typically involves a thorough evaluation of the teeth and gums. The dentist or hygienist will check for cavities, plaque buildup, gum disease, tooth abnormalities such as discoloration or chips as well as signs of oral cancer.

Your dentist will take X-rays to identify any issues beneath the surface that are not visible during visual inspection. The dentist will also clean your teeth through scaling and polishing procedures if you need them. Finally, your dentist will provide recommendations on how to improve your oral health and maintain good dental care habits.

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