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General dentistry services focus on the overall health and wellness of your natural smile. Through routine dental care, patient education, and disease prevention, patients can achieve and maintain a healthier smile. Dr. Justin Deckard provides general dentistry services for patients and families in Washington DC and surrounding neighborhoods with a focus on personalized care and advice for your needs.

Dr. Deckard performs full comprehensive exams, screenings for complex dental concerns, and professional dental cleanings to help patients maintain a healthy smile. Dental x-rays are typically taken once a year so we make sure the teeth, mouth, jaw, and gums are healthy. Helping our patients improve their oral health through education and preventive measures allows patients to take an active role in their own dental health success.

DC Precision Dentistry is equipped with state-of-the-art dental technology and high-quality materials, which enable Dr. Deckard and our dental care team with the tools needed to deliver exceptional dental care. Our dental care team is comprised of highly trained, compassionate staff who are dedicated to providing the highest level of care and service.

General Dentistry in Washington DC

General Dental Care in Washington, DC

Dr. Deckard recommends that patients visit the dentist every six months for their preventive care exam. Routine dental exams allow your dentist to spot any early signs of dysfunction and treat dental concerns before they develop into a more advanced issue. Patients who visit the dentist regularly are less likely to experience complex dental problems. Early intervention and preventive dental care are a key part of maintaining a healthy, beautiful, and lasting smile.

We offer a complete range of general dentistry services for patients of all ages and encourage children and adults to visit our DC dental office twice a year for smile maintenance. We offer comprehensive solutions for young patients with developing smiles and help make visiting the dentist convenient for families in the area.

Regular dentist appointments for our young patients are very important for many reasons. Early visits have proven to help reduce the number of cavities seen in children. Tooth decay among children is major problem in our society with sugar filled drinks and candy readily available more than ever. It also helps reduce the chances of someone suffering from dental anxiety or fear the dentist. Children will get used to the overall environment and learn to trust all dental professionals.

Dr. Deckard has advanced training in TMJ disorders, sleep apnea, and sleep-disordered breathing. He takes a holistic approach to evaluating your oral health and looks for the common risk factors and warning signs for not only dental problems but health concerns that can be related to your oral structure.

General Dentistry Services 

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To learn more about our general dentistry services, visit DC Precision Dentistry. We proudly serve patients and families in downtown DC, Shaw, Navy Yard, and surrounding communities. If you are searching for a highly trained, trusted dentist in Washington, DC, visit DC Precision Dentistry. To schedule an appointment, call (202) 851-7554 or request an appointment online.