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The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry makes it easier for a variety of patients that struggle with dental appointments to get dental care. Dr. Justin Deckard of DC Precision Dentistry, a dentist in Washington DC, explains what sedation dentistry is and how it can…


Why Choose a Family Dentist?

Family dentistry is designed to treat all members of the family, both kids and parents. A family dentist has specialized training to deal with children, as well as the standard training for treating adults. Why is a family dentist the…


Are Dentures or Dental Implants Right for Me?

Dentures and dental implants are both common choices to replace missing teeth. But how do you know which one of these options is the right choice for you? Dr. Justin Deckard of DC Precision Dentistry discusses the features of both…


Infection Prevention and Control

With COVID-19, many dental practices were closed to everything but emergency dental services. Now that things are slowly opening up, we want to make sure that our patients and employees feel safe when they’re coming into our practice. Dr. Justin…


When Can I Return to the Dentist?

With the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s a lot of uncertainty around when things will be back to normal. Many dentists are still only taking care of dental emergencies at this time. Dr. Justin Deckard of DC Precision Dentistry, a dentist in…


Treating a Dental Emergency

While most businesses are shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your Washington DC dentist is still available to handle emergencies. Dr. Justin Deckard of DC Precision Dentistry lets you know how to recognize a dental emergency and what you…


Dental Bonding: What You Need to Know

Dental bonding is a versatile dental procedure that can be used in both restorative and cosmetic dentistry in Washington DC. What’s the process of dental bonding and what issues can it fix for you? Dr. Justin Deckard of DC Precision…


Dental Crown FAQs

Dental crowns are an important restoration tool dentists use for both cosmetic and restorative procedures. Dr. Justin Deckard, an experienced dentist providing dental crowns in Washington D.C., answers the most frequently asked questions regarding dental crowns and what they do.…


The Benefits of a Custom Mouthguard

As with many dentists, Dr. Justin Deckard, your quality dentist in Washington DC, recommends wearing mouthguards for most sports. At DC Precision Dentistry, we offer custom mouthguard services to make sure your teeth are protected no matter what sport you’re…


The Ins and Outs of Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you want to transform your smile with cosmetic dentistry in Washington DC? DC Precision Dentistry is here to help. We offer a variety of services to enhance your smile. Learn more about our cosmetic dentistry services and everything they…