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Why Treat Missing Teeth?

Millions of American adults have lost one or more teeth and realize the struggles of missing teeth. A dentist can offer several procedures to replace these teeth. They can determine a unique treatment plan depending on a patient’s existing dental structure and preferences.

Some people may feel tempted to avoid restorative dental treatments and ignore missing teeth. But this could put their smiles at risk of further harm. Read on to learn about four ways that replacing missing teeth can benefit your dental health.

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Restore Oral Capabilities

Whether you have lost a single tooth or an entire arch of teeth, you may notice difficulties in performing your typical oral functions after tooth loss. You may feel pain when trying to bite down or have a lisp when speaking. These can greatly impact your quality of life.

Your dentist can evaluate your unique smile and discuss your preferences to find the best tooth replacement solution for you. You can get a removable or fixed appliance that will allow you to perform oral functions as you normally would. A dentist will also make sure your treatment feels both secure and comfortable in your mouth.

Preserve Your Facial Structure

If you are missing teeth, you may have noticed that their absence can create the appearance of sagging in your face. This phenomenon can worsen if you do not seek a tooth replacement solution from your dentist.

Missing teeth can mean the jawbone deteriorates over time. This dental damage affects the structure of your face. But it could also mean your remaining teeth may shift out of place.

To prevent further impact on your smile and face, you should ask your dentist for restorative treatment after tooth loss. Specifically, dental implants feature anchors below the gumline that fuse to the jawbone to prevent its degeneration.

Fill Gaps in the Appearance of Your Smile

Patients with missing teeth may feel self-conscious about gaps in their smiles. This can lead to a lack of confidence in their appearance which can impact other aspects of their lives.

You can discuss your smile aesthetic goals after tooth loss with your dentist. They can make sure you get prosthetic teeth that suit your unique smile, ensuring a gorgeous and natural-looking finish that you can feel proud of. Whether you seek a crown, bridge, or denture, you can get a custom-made look that will get you the smile of your dreams again.

Prevent Further Oral Health Concerns

The gaps in your smile from tooth loss can make it more difficult to keep your mouth clean with your usual oral hygiene routine. Food can become trapped in these gaps and linger, deteriorating the health of your gums and remaining teeth. It may also mean that you have a higher likelihood of suffering from bad breath.

Replacing your missing teeth with effective prosthetics can lower this risk and make it easier to brush and floss your teeth as you need to. You can remove plaque and other residues from the surface of your teeth without issue when you have appliances that fit well in your smile. This way, you can spend less time getting dental work to treat gum disease or cavities that can occur without adequate oral hygiene.