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Dental Treatments After Implant Dentistry

Struggling with missing teeth? Your dentist can offer highly comprehensive and beneficial tooth replacement treatment with dental implants. These fixtures use an implanted titanium post anchor in the jaw to support custom-made prosthetic teeth above the gumline.

This results in fixed, sturdy, and long-lasting devices that allow for enhanced appearance, function, and health in your smile in the wake of tooth loss. Though the benefits seem clear, some people may worry that introducing implants to the mouth may interfere with other types of dental work.

Fortunately, you will have no issue receiving the dental care your smile requires, even with implants in place. However, implants can impact your ability to undergo some types of dental work, especially in relation to cosmetic dentistry.

Your dentist can provide you with more details about the dental care you can receive after implant treatment when you give the office a call. Read on to explore several dental treatment options available to implant dentistry patients.

Dental Treatments After Implant Dentistry

Can I Whiten a Dental Implant?

The prosthetic crowns, bridges, or dentures atop a dental implant are made from ceramic that is designed to match the bright and beautiful color of your natural teeth. They resist staining as well, so you can look forward to long-lasting smile enhancement.

However, your remaining natural teeth could develop yellow or dark discoloration over time. If you find stains on your teeth, you can turn to your dentist for teeth-whitening solutions.

But you should note that the bleaching ingredients in these treatments will not affect your implants at all. You can work with your dentist to brighten teeth around the implant. But if you want to change the color of the implant, your dentist will need to replace the dental prosthetic.

Can I Straighten My Teeth After Implant Dentistry?

Crooked teeth can disrupt your gorgeous smile and threaten your dental health and oral function. A dentist can gently push your teeth into your desired straight position with Invisalign aligners.

But if you have dental implants, Invisalign might not work. These custom aligners can move natural teeth, but implants fuse into the jawbone to remain in place in the mouth. Therefore, they cannot shift with Invisalign.

You might need to visit an orthodontist to fix bite problems or dental alignment concerns if you have implants in your smile. You can avoid this complication when you talk to your dentist about teeth straightening treatment prior to pursuing implant dentistry.

Can a Dentist Treat Tooth Decay Near a Dental Implant?

Dental implants will not develop tooth decay like your natural teeth might. However, after receiving implants, your remaining teeth might form a cavity at some point. If the cavity is hidden by an implant, such as between the tooth and the fixture, will your dentist be able to treat the problem?

The answer is yes – your dentist can still treat tooth decay and any other oral health problems that may occur, even if you have dental implants. The dentist can reach the decay to remove it and give you a filling. If needed, the dentist can remove the dental prosthetic to access the decay and then put the implant back in place in the same procedure.