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Laser Dentistry

Dental lasers can provide safe, effective results for a wide range of dental concerns. Dental lasers offer several advantages compared to traditional treatment methods. We use dental lasers for some of our general dental care services. With dental lasers, a dentist can eliminate the need for dental drills, allowing patients to feel at ease throughout their procedures.

Dr. Justin Deckard incorporates advanced dental laser technology in our Washington, DC, dental office. Dr. Deckard can target specific areas and minimize downtime using dental laser technology.

painless laser dentistry in Washington DC

Laser Dentistry in Washington, DC

Dental lasers also provide more precise results, eliminating the need for lengthy, invasive treatment. In some cases, dental lasers can promote faster healing and minimize certain symptoms associated with invasive procedures.

  • Laser dentistry may reduce the amount of downtime needed after procedures
  • Dental lasers may promote faster healing time and tissue regeneration
  • Minimize the risk of infection
  • Increased precision
  • Minimizes bleeding
  • Eliminates the need for dental laser
  • Reduces swelling
  • Less discomfort and pain associated with traditional treatment methods
  • Effectively treat periodontal disease

Laser dentistry is ideal for patients with a weak immune system, patients who want to avoid anesthesia, and patients who suffer from dental fear and anxiety. Dr. Deckard will work with you to determine if laser dentistry suits your needs. Dr. Deckard will always discuss your goals, needs, and budget before recommending the appropriate treatment for your oral health.

Types of Dental Lasers

Hard Tissue Lasers: Hard tissue lasers use an advanced technology that enables the lasers to cut through tooth structure and enamel. With hard tissue lasers, a dentist can cut through teeth and bone with great precision and accuracy. Hard tissue lasers may be for cavity detection, dental fillings, tooth preparation, and damaged teeth.

Soft Tissue Laser: A soft tissue laser can penetrate soft tissue without causing any damage. Soft tissue lasers can address a wide range of dental concerns without causing pain or discomfort. We use soft tissue lasers can be used to address a gummy smile, gum contouring, crown lengthening, periodontal disease.

Soft and hard tissue lasers offer many benefits for patients dealing with general, restorative, and cosmetic dental concerns. Dr. Deckard will work with you to determine if laser dentistry is right for your specific needs.

Laser Dentistry FAQs

Is laser dentistry safe?

Yes. Our dentists use dental lasers at a very low level to ensure your safety during treatment. We will give you special eyewear to protect your eyes. Our staff always follows safety measures, and we watch our patients closely during the treatment.

Is laser dentistry painful?

No. Accompanied by local anesthesia, laser dentistry is quick and painless compared to traditional procedures. Sometimes, your dentist will not even need to administer anesthesia to the area because of the effectiveness of dental lasers on hard and soft mouth tissue.

Do gums grow back after laser surgery?

No. In the example of gummy smile surgery, once the laser reduces your gums, they will not grow back. Whether we use dental lasers or not, your gums will remain in a new position. The infected gum tissue will heal and become healthier much faster with dental laser procedures than with traditional gum surgery.

Does laser treatment damage teeth?

No, laser treatment does not damage teeth. Laser dentistry is a safe and effective way of treating dental issues such as tooth decay and infections. Moreover, laser treatment is a minimally invasive method of treatment that can help to reduce pain and enhance recovery times. It’s important to choose a skilled and reputable dentist for this dental treatment to ensure the best possible results.

Does dental insurance cover laser dentistry?

Dental insurance coverage for laser dentistry will vary depending on the specific procedure and your insurance policy. Some insurance plans may cover laser treatments if they deem them medically necessary.

Insurance plans may also cover laser treatments if they consider them an alternative to traditional dental procedures. Review your dental insurance policy and consult with your provider to determine the extent of coverage for laser dentistry treatments.

Do you need anesthesia for laser dentistry?

In most cases, you will not need anesthesia for laser dentistry procedures. Many laser treatments only cause minimal discomfort and may only require a topical or no anesthetic.

However, a dentist may use local anesthesia or sedation for more invasive procedures or gum disease treatments or if the patient experiences anxiety or sensitivity. Your dentist will recommend the most appropriate pain management option for your specific treatment.

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